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I help you grow by creating your digital products and services that matter.
Michal Hotovec
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  • Angular / Typescript
  • Fullstack
  • Rive / Lottie
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2021 - 2023 | Česká Spořitelna

3D Virtual

We would like to improve our visuals.
From 3D model, texturing and WebGL development for Angular & React. Run inside George Store, Česká Spořitelna digital channel. Developed for web and native app.
2021 - 2023 | Meta o.p.s.


e-Learning for kids

The situation in Ukraine has accelerated the need to teach the Czech language. The redesign of the original Czech2 app brought full support for mobile devices, a new clear and simple administration for teachers and, most importantly, an interactive, accessible online app for even the youngest children.
Online Aplikace Čeština2
2018 - 2023 | Česká Spořitelna

Store Components

Design System & UI Components

DRY - It is basically the idea of George Store Components. Prepare solid ecosystem for developers. Started as SASS/CSS framework, later moved to Angular Framework. Maitained for 3+ years.
Store Compoents screenshot