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I'm focused


I like to work on a company or personal sites, with focus on unique design and responsive design. I’d love to help you build a remarkable site with a unordinary design.


As I am experienced in building long-term platform projects, I can help you too, with advantages of long-term maintainable code and reusable design.

Apps & Augmented Reality

Do you want to build an interactive app, game or product presentation with amazing visuals, powered by amazing high-end features like Augmented Reality (AR)?

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My Skills

UI/UX Design

I’ve been designing web sites for more than 16 years, focused on UI and also UX, with a perfect sense of colors and typography. I perfectly know Adobe Photoshop, while in most cases I use Sketch as a UI design tool of choice. I love precise pixel perfect work, and I like to play with whitespace. I was awarded by FWA and WEBBYAWARDS.

Frontend CSS & HTML

I’ve been in this business for 15 years. A responsive HTML5/SASS site is a standard, with beautiful typography. I am experienced with long term maintenance of commercial parametric SCSS framework production based on SMACSS. For smaller projects, I prefer ZURB Foundation.


I’m not a JavaScript architect, but I'm focused on the visual side, and that’s what I'm using JS for (actually in Typescript). I'm experienced with jQuery, Angular 1 & 2 and couple of my favorite JS libraries.


I mostly use Facebook Origami and FramerJS. I'm experienced with pure HTML/JS prototypes and production features for A/B testing.

Animation & Motion FX

I know animation principles fairly well: timing, rhythm & easing. I worked for four years in VFX and movie post production, where I earned deep knowledge of Adobe After Effects.


The biggest team working with Git had 50 committers. I have known all the "best practices" like rebasing, squashing, cherry picking, etc.

Tickets & Code Reviews

I am experienced with these systems for daily work: Jira, Beanstalk, GitLab, GitHub, Assembla, Taiga, Redmine.

Design/Engineering flow

Sometimes I'm programming. Sometimes I'm designing. Very often I'm talking to clients and also their IT teams. It's not a problem to translate between "customer’s language" and "IT language.”


I’m able to work smoothly on styling these open source CMS systems: Wordpress, Drupal, Bolt, Craft. I am skilled with PHP/Apache and NodeJS pipelines.

Augmented Reality (Unity 3D)

This is what I love! Good knowledge of Qualcomm Vuforia together with Unity 3D. I made a couple of apps, with the good audience and media response. Good knowledge of asset pipelines, app production, building for iOS and Android devices. Moderate experience with 3D, C# scripting, and shaders.